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Your Dreams are our Requirements
Every project starts with a dream.  Sometimes the idea is well formed and sometimes it's just  ... well a dream.     It does not matter how far you have developed your ideas, we will listen and help you formulate and document your requirements.

Capturing your ideas in a form that allows them to be shared with others (in your business and ours) is the first step to a well designed solution.  If you've already formulated a written requirements document, don't be surprised if we still want to spend time with you ensuring that we understand exactly what you had in mind, identifying the priorities you associate with different elements of the project and clarifying the boundaries of the project. 

Although the visible deliverable of this work is usually a document, at the end of this process we will have a very good understanding of your business need and the reasons behind those needs.  As a result we will be able to better fit our proposed solution to your business.

Capturing your requirements
Depending on the size of the potential project you ask us to consider we will adopt a differing approach to the task of gathering requirements. 

For many small projects a short discussion with a member of the development services team may suffice for us to document your needs.  For larger projects we may need to spend a number of days talking to your team, understanding their needs and building this into a document that you can approve.

Prioritising the options
Most requirements gathering exercises will yield up ideas and requirements that are seen as important by one or more people but which in the context of your business plans may not be important enough to warrant expenditure today.  In practice it's rarely worthwhile to implement everything that might be identified in a requirements gathering exercise.  This is why prioritisation is the next most important step. 

Our consultant will work with you to agree a prioritised list of requirements which will help you to clarify to us what you need now, what you might want later and what will never be worth doing!
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