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CABC Max Badge Delegate Printing Software



Max Badge Maker is an Add-in for Maximizer 7.5 (and previous) that provides an easy way to create personalised event/conference badges from your Maximizer client list.

Badge Maker is ideal for use with Avery L7418 badge cards which can then be inserted into clear plastic clip on holders.

You can print badges to most common Avery label types or if you own Crystal Reports you can create your own templates.

Using Max Badge

The software is designed so that the user will typically keep the name of the event as the name of a table UDF/category and the event location or date as the Item title.

On the Max Badge form the Event List contains the names of all the table UDF/categories in the current Maximizer database, and when an event is selected the occurrence/dates list is filled with the Items for the selected category.

The badge program enables the user to print out delegate badges for all contact entries in the current Client List in Maximizer. The user has two ways to create the list:

The user can use the search and list manipulation features of Maximizer to select the delegates for whom badges are to be printed before or after starting the badge program.

The user can start the badge program, select the event details and use the Make List button. The badge program will then fill the Maximizer Client List with all the delegates for the selected event. If necessary, the user can then use Maximizer list manipulation to remove or add additional delegates.

When the list is satisfactory, the user selects the appropriate badge template specifies any layout criteria (e.g. company name in capitals) and clicks either the print or preview button.

Start Point Selection & Notes option

A facility is provided to enable printing to start at a specific space on the badge sheet. Optionally, a Maximizer note recording the badge printout can be automatically added to the records of each delegate.

The badge program then prints (or previews) badges for all the contacts listed in the client list. (Badges are not printed for any Maximizer client records in the list). All printouts are sent to the default Windows printer on the PC.

Badge Format

The initial system is provided with sample layouts for a number of common Avery labels including the L7418 badge cards. CABC will provide two free templates to your own size/layout specification and further additional templates can be commissioned for a small fee. Alternatively, the user can design their own templates using Crystal Reports.

Badge printing is based on a run time version of Crystal Reports software. It is not necessary to purchase Crystal Reports to make basic use of Max Badge. However, it is possible for a technically competent user to add additional layouts to the list of templates if they have Crystal Reports available. Some guidance notes for this procedure are included in the Max Badge Maker help file. Using Crystal, adjustments to the positioning of the information printed on the badge are possible. The user can also embellish the design by the addition of bitmap images or fixed texts, or create templates that use different fonts.

  • On the basic label format for all badges are four lines of text presented as follows:
  • Contact Name (optionally excluding Mr/Ms and with no middle initials)
  • Company (In capitals - blank if individual client with none defined)
  • The event title as specified in the selected category name or user defined text
  • The event date text as specified in the selected item or user defined text

In some cases company names may wrap around on to a second line of text and facilities are provided to help with the correct presentation in these cases.

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