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Max Feed 2.5





Max Feed provides facilities that....

  • Regularly feed data from other corporate systems into Maximizer without programming!
  • Enable sophisticated data import - creating minimal duplication
  • De-duplicate companies in a Maximizer database.

Max Feed provides Keyed Field Updating

Simply add a text UDF containing your client’s customer account code to your Maximizer data, and Max Feed can be used to regularly update their records. For example, you could update sales figures from your corporate accounts system.

Max Feed uses unique fuzzy-logic to make judgements about whether one address is the same as another. During import this enables Max Feed to cross-check with a high degree of accuracy and discover whether a company already exists in Maximizer before inserting a new record. The same capability is also used to cross-check records, and identify and merge duplicates.

Max Feed is a powerful tool for serious Maximizer users which provides the ability to perform invaluable data manipulation tasks often required by business users.

Click here for a screenshot

Max Feed would be the ideal way to...

  • Import and merge data from bought-in mailing lists with an existing Maximizer database
  • Import data from other corporate databases to an existing Maximizer database where a high overlap exists between the companies in each source
  • Regularly feed new data to categories/UDFs of existing clients and contacts using soft matching or Keyed import (e.g. an Account Code UDF) to locate the record for updating.
  • Build new Maximizer databases from mailing lists or other sources
  • Quickly remove/identify duplicate companies in a Maximizer database

Max Feed Imports

  • With a single pass Max Feed will import companies and contacts, creating separate Maximizer company and contact records.
  • Max Feed will not create lots of duplicates. Max Feed's fuzzy logic will usually match addresses even when they are not presented in exactly the same way
  • Keyed Imports provide the ability to import new category/UDF data or notes on to existing Maximizer clients/contacts . (e.g. You can use an Account code UDF to allow updates of sales figures in Maximizer)
  • Imports can generate 'Import Notes' just like MDE transfer notes, showing what was altered when data was imported onto an existing client/contact record journal.
  • Auto-generates salutations.
  • All import parameters are set at the field level enabling:
  • Per Field Import Formatting as Upper, Lower, Proper or Title Case.
  • Per Field Import Update Locks that are more advanced than those in MDE. These enable existing data to be protected, added to or updated as required.
  • Per Field Default Values. If your import file does not specify a field value the default is used. Great for importing categories/UDFs!
  • An Error Log File is created as well as a rejected import records file, so that you know why a record failed to import.
  • Import from Fixed Width file formats as well as delimited files and directly from Microsoft Access tables and queries or tables attached to corporate SQL databases.

Max Feed De-Duplicates

  • Max Feed will check a Maximizer database and tag similar clients with a category/UDF, grading the match as Probable (almost certain), Possible or Some Similarity.
  • Records are grouped with other matching records for easy review.
  • Records can be highlighted to Max Feed with DO NOT MERGE and MERGE MASTER settings.
  • Max Feed can automate the merging of Probable (and Possible) duplicates, optionally deleting the merged records. Max Feed generates notes to show you which addresses were merged.

Factsheet on Max Feed for Imports (Adobe PDF)125 Kbytes

Factsheet on Max Feed for Database De-Duplication   (Adobe PDF) 220 Kbytesgetacro.gif (712 bytes)


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