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Maximizer Remote Support Agent V2.0

(MaxRSA is not for resale in the UK)



low cost professional support tool thatÖ

"Makes the remote collection of Maximizer configuration details simple"

What does MaxRSA do?

Supporting users of any modern software package can be a challenge, especially when the user at the end of the telephone is not really interested in IT beyond getting the next sales letter out.  This can make the collection of details about a problem hard work and time-consuming.  MaxRSA is designed to save support staff time and give them better information about problems with a userís Maximizer PC.

CABC have had years of experience of supporting Maximizer users on the phone, and instead of asking users if they could look in the registry and search the disk - a request bound to instill fear in many - we concluded there had to be a simpler way.  The need for detailed and accurate information about a remote system is particularly acute when the system is running MaxExchange, and so MaxRSA was developed to meet this need.  Put it on every userís PC and forget about it Ö until the day you get a call to say thereís a problem - then simply ask them to run MaxRSA!

Using MaxRSA, it is possible to verify the configuration of all the computers in a 25-strong Maximizer/MaxExchange-based sales-force in less than one day, without one laptop being in the office!

Who would MaxRSA be for?

MaxRSA is a tool for Maximizer support professionals and is simple enough to be run for them by any Maximizer user.

Why does MaxRSA make things simpler?

When a problem arises and a Maximizer user calls your support line, all you have to ask them to do is run the MaxRSA.  For a couple of minutes the MaxRSA progress screen is displayed and then everything you need to know about their PC is e-mailed to you.  As a support professional you can now analyse the information and call back with advice for your user, knowing you have all the facts.

MaxRSA has been designed to collect every Maximizer-related item of information you are likely to require.  The system can even reset a few simple settings to pre-set defaults and fix some simple problems for you.

MaxRSA is a great aid for supporting Max Exchange

MaxRSA is particularly helpful when diagnosing problems in MaxExchange systems because it can show you the location and status of every packet on a Remote or Super-Peer system.  MaxRSA can even check through your userís MAPI mail inbox to show you those packets that they havenít got round to processing yet.  You get all the details, as MaxRSA copies the full header details from the packets it finds into the MaxRSA report file.

What does MaxRSA collect for you?

MaxRSA collects the following information (new features in italics):

  • Summary information about the computer (Processor, Memory O/S version etc.
  • A list of ALL Maximizer databases on the computer, with details of the client file size and when it was created and last accessed and the number of Address Book records. MaxRSA also details the Pervasive Gateway computer if assigned.
  • Details of every Maximizer backup found including which database they are a backup of!
  • Details of all Maximizer directory files (MXZDIR.DAT) on the computer. Log file contains a full printout of all the database names and paths in each directory file found.
  • Critical Maximizer registry entries.
  • Critical Pervasive.SQL/Btrieve registry entries.
  • Critical Pervasive.SQL/Btrieve file sizes and date details (for checking whether service patch has been applied).
  • Maximizer image file date and size.
  • Critical MaxExchange registry entries.
  • Full details of Max Exchange Distribution List including Last sent/Last received for all sites and the protocols in use.
  • Full details of Max Exchange remote including the Last Sent/Last Received packet status.
  • Headers of all MaxExchange packets in the MaxExchange Inbox and Outbox.
  • Headers of all MaxExchange packets in the userís MAPI e-mail Inbox (i.e. unprocessed packets).
  • Attached or included copies of SPDM/RMDM Log and Packet Logs.
  • Summary comments and alerts in covering e-mail.

In short, MaxRSA collects just about everything to do with the Maximizer configuration that you might need to know.  And in Version 2 we've made the report easier to read and given you vital comments in the covering e-mail.  (If you can think of something weíve missed, let us know and we will try to include it in a future version.) 

MaxRSA can also enforce some simple defaults on the userís PC (such as MaxExchange Logs ON and reset the default Ďdbasesí path) and fix some common problems!

Setting up MaxRSA

Configuring MaxRSA is simple: just run a quick InstallShield set-up kit, and then edit a few lines in an .INI-style configuration file to provide the e-mail addresses the report is to be sent to (you can specify 1 or 2 destinations for the report). Specify the disk drives to be checked and one or two other options.   Probably, you could copy the same configuration file onto each PC where you install MaxRSA.

System Compatibility

MaxRSA is intended for computers running Pervasive.SQL/Btrieve versions of Maximizer 3.0is 32bit or above.  Significant value can also be obtained on MS SQL installations.

Reports can only be returned to you automatically by e-mail if you have a MAPI e-mail client.  If you do not have a MAPI e-mail system or do not have e-mail available, the MaxRSA Log file will be on the userís computer and can be manually returned to you.  When a MAPI mail system is unavailable, the system can be configured to copy the entire contents of the RMDM/SPDM and packet logs into the MaxRSA Report.

MaxRSA is compatible with Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0/2000 and interfaces to MAPI mail systems.

Enquire about MaxRSA.....

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