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The Big Number



The Big Number program from CABC is the Maximizer userís answer to keeping your contacts telephone details up to date with the latest telephone code changes. Initially developed to resolve the telephone code changes initiated by Oftel in April 2000, this add-on product can be easily configured to bulk change telephone codes within your database.

Your Maximizer Database

If youíve not managed to make this transition yet, youíll be facing a time-consuming task.  Without automated help, you will need to search for all numbers affected by the Big Number changes, and then alter them individually. The fact that different groups of numbers have differing dates of overlap only adds complications to the task.

CABCís Automated Solution

CABC has produced an automated solution for dealing with these number changes. This is good news for users of Maximizer! The Big Number will do most of the work in your Maximizer database automatically for you. It will search through your Maximizer database for all numbers affected by the changes, and update them.

The Big Number and MaxExchange

When your Maximizer database has been updated by The Big Number, an important question is whether the changes will be synchronised by MaxExchange.

The answer is YES!

If you are running Maximizer Enterprise 4.0 or above, MaxExchange will recognise and transport the changes made by Big Number. If you run Maximizer97 or Tracker 97 with the Integratorís Toolkit, then MaxExchange will also recognise the updates. (Earlier versions will not have the changes automatically transferred by MaxExchange, except possibly if the system is refreshed.)

The Big Number for other databases

It is not just users of Maximizer who can benefit from CABCís Big Number software. Databases in Microsoft Access are also compatible with the Big Number program, although if you have linked tables, the Professional version of Big Number is required. 

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