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Pipeline Plus v2.6





Both middle and senior management will find CABC’s Pipeline Plus v2.6 an indispensable tool for everyday business.

Understand the sales potential of your company!

Much more than just a reporter, Pipeline Plus v2.6 is a complete management tool for your sales team and pipeline review.

This Maximizer Add-On product enables you to generate detailed sales forecast reports and a sales pipeline summary in Microsoft Excel at the touch of a button! Tedious end of month reports will become a thing of the past!

Click here to view a Sample sales forecast report! (N.B. This file requires Microsoft Excel and contains a macro please select 'yes/enable'  if you receive a warning).

Pipeline Plus Features

  • Sales Executives can build their own sales forecast report quickly and effectively

  • Sales Managers and Sales Directors can role up the entire sales forecast into one plan

  • Built in alert pages keep your sales people on their toes!

  • Provides comparative analysis with previous reports

  • Allows you to interrogate any report using company or opportunity UDFs

  • Supports multi-currency role up into a single currency with currency conversion.

  • All changes in opportunities are highlighted to clearly display modifications

        ...all presented in a familiar Excel format!

What's New

Pipeline Plus Version 2.5 offers a number of improvements:

The Pipeline plus report now contains distinct Sales Forecasts and Sales Reports. The Sales Report includes a Sales Report pivot table and chart providing a Win/Loss analysis of your sales performance.

Pipeline Plus now supports reporting and sales forecasting by Product.

In addition to the user-defined fields previously available for inclusion in reports a number of extra fields can now be added to the report:

  • Address Fields such as Country and County will allow you to to perform geographic data analysis
  • Opportunity Roles - Allow you to see who is assigned to a particular role on each opportunity
  • Opportunity Success Factors - Showing the description, or score of a particular success factor on each opportunity
  • SQL-Generated Derived Fields - Include data from 3rd party sources in your Pipeline Plus report
  • VB-Script-Generated Derived Fields - Generate additional fields using your own logic (eg postcode region grouping).

Reporting now supports analysis by quarters for companies who's sales forecasts are measured in years.

Furthermore the option to include or exclude sheets and re-order the sheets in the report is now available.

Colour-coded tabs distinguish the Forecast, Sales, Alerts, and Comparison sheets (Excel 2002 and above).

Import/export facilities are now available for report profiles, so they can be shared between colleagues within your organisation.

A digital certificate allows you to work with greater security, and with confidence in the macros supplied with Pipeline Plus.

You will also find a number of other minor changes to make your reporting easier and clearer.

Information Filtering

CABC’s Pipeline Plus allows you to customise fields to suit your precise business requirements.

This flexibility means that your sales information can be filtered by any category such as sales team, probability of win, sales person and so on. The result is an instant and clear understanding of sales both achieved to date and those in the pipeline.

Snapshots and Comparative Analysis

By saving a snapshot report from a given month, Pipeline Plus has in-built functionality which allows you to generate a comparative report between a saved snapshot and the current sales report.

Any changes which have occurred during the given period are highlighted in yellow for ease of comparison.

Restricted Access to Sales Information

Pipeline Plus is also available in two versions, one for the sales manager and one tailored specifically to the sales person. This provides an additional element of control within your sales team. Whilst sales managers will be able to view all the opportunities of any team of which they are a member, the sales person is only able to view the opportunities, which are specifically assigned to them as individuals.

Comparative Reporting

Pipeline Plus enables you to save an unlimited number of snapshot reports.

As the name suggests, a current snapshot of all opportunities is taken and then saved in your preferred location. This enables you to capture your sales progress at various given moments in time, (you may find it useful to carry this process out an the end of every month for example).

If more than one snapshot has been saved, you then have the option of either comparing the current snapshot with the previous generated report or selecting an alternative report created at an earlier date.


The alerts tab highlights both opportunities which have passed their close date and any fields which have not been completed, such as opportunity probability for example.

This allows you to maintain accurate use of your opportunities and monitor sales progress. There are five possible fields you can choose to put an alert on as depicted to the left.

Create and Save Profiles

Unlimited profiles can be configured and saved to meet your requirements.

You can specify the number of opportunities displayed, the time period of the forecast and whether this is displayed in weeks or months.

Download the Pipeline Plus PDF

Download an Introduction to Pipeline Plus

View a Sample Report!

Please Note: Minimum requirement for Pipeline Plus is Excel 97. Recommended versions of Excel are 2000 and XP

©2002 CABC Ltd All Rights Reserved 

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