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Examples of Maximizer Integration Projects...



The following are examples of just some of the Maximizer integration work we've undertaken. In addition to the formal Add-on Products available from CABC, we have a multitude of applications developed for in-house use and for previous clients. If you see something similar to your needs below, why not make a General Enquiry, or Contact Us for more information?

Our experience on previous projects can help make the implementation of your requirements easier and quicker to fulfill. To find out more about the skills and experience of the CABC Development Team, click

Quick Notes

Standardised phone call notes, pick from list fill a few fields and add a reminder.  Simple – effective - minimal typing.

Quick Dial

Telesales cold call screen – replaces Maximizer phone window, records last call, attempts etc.

Visit reports

Various types – with reporters – direct summaries to Microsoft Excel.

Palm handheld forms

Data collection forms. Visit and Customer Service applications – with reporting and synchronisation to Maximizer:

Links to other corporate data systems

Extra tabs inside Maximizer and background service applications – various implementations.

See also:

seniorflexonics.pdf   and  maxent_seniorflexonics.pdf

Address Book Record Replacement

Custom forms with only your key data clearly presented.

Mandatory Fields

Mandatory Address Book fields for Maximzer 7.5.

Linked Document Mover

Re-link documents unlinked by moving/renaming your server.

Document Extraction

Leaving Maximizer? We’re sorry to see you go but we can help you take all your data with you.

Web Leads Integration

Straight from your site into Maximizer, with statistics.

Custom Marketing Emails

Your customers update their own data in your database straight from your email.

Exhibition data collection

Just to get details in fast!

NON-TAPI Dialler

Dial from the screen of Maximizer on an old fashioned non-TAPI PBX in an LAN/office environment:

Download Information PDF

DATA Recovery/Repair

Various Btrieve/Pervasive utilities to recover and repair damaged Maximizer databases. Fixing common problems.

Contact Tidy

De-duplicate multiple contacts of the same name at the same company (e.g. after a bad import).

Phone Number Tidy-up

Various phone number tidy and reformat utilities.

ACT data import

Our very own ACT data converter – advanced features.

Club Membership cards

Issue cards – record visits – get stats-barcode based.


ERP integration – Opportunity import/update.

Issue Management

Corporate PR management.

Customer Service case reporter

Reports to Microsoft Excel.

Assets Window

Items owned by customer – window in Maximzer.

Document Management

Link to PCDOCS/DM5.


Ask us if we’ve already built something similar to your needs!

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